“On February 14, dance and punk music star Moby claimed Washington insiders had showed him documents that could impeach Trump. Days later, African American PhD student A.D. Carson presented his doctoral dissertation as a rap album, featuring the track “Impeach The President”. The well-produced album is packed with powerful political poetry and pulls no punches, even taking down his university’s racist history in the bold “See The Stripes”. Surprisingly, at least some of his tutors already seemed to approve of the project before he was up to defend it on February 24. Some may be sceptical about its huge 34 tracks, but there’s not a dud song on it. Others may dismiss it as a gimmick, but its quality is way up there with this month’s new albums from big political rappers such as Lupe Fiasco and Wyclef Jean, whose new long player includes the track “If I Were President”.”

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